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Curt Schilling's Disastrous Role-Playing Games Find a New Home

THQ Nordic announced Thursday that it has purchased all of the intellectual property produced by developer 38 Studios—including everything related to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. If you don't quite remember Kingdoms of Amalur, that's understandable: Amalur was a pretty good role-playing game from 2012 that doomed a studio, cost Rhode Island taxpayers around $28 million, and launched a fleet of investigations from the SEC and FBI.

Ark plays better on mobile than you'd think, but really needs crossplay

I punched a tree in my doctor's waiting room yesterday. I was hanging out for an appointment, and I had 's mobile edition running on my phone. My headphones were in, piping the sound of jungle and beach to my brain. Punching trees, picking up rocks, running from dinosaurs—the whole bit. Then I felt a nurse tap my shoulder, so I unplugged my headphones, stood up, and started to close the application. That's when my character defecated.

This Virtual Reality Dog Could Prevent Dog Bites

It's a fact that all dogs are good dogs, but communication between humans and canines isn't always smooth. Dogs bite sometimes—especially when they're scared, hurt, or anxious. In almost all cases, dogs take great pains to warn humans when they're feeling unsafe, but the trouble is that most humans simply don't speak Dog. When misunderstandings happen, it's the human who ends up bitten and, depending on local animal control laws, the dog who ends up dead. Faced with reports of 6,740 patients ad

Kerbal Space Program mod recreates Andy Weir's The Martian

I thought I knew the kinds of stories that would come out of Kerbal Space Program’s newest expansion, Making History. Now that KSP’s legendary modding community has access to all the scripting and planning tools it could ever need, I was sure we’d see recreations of the doomed Apollo 13 mission, recreations of Apollo 11’s historic moon landing, and probably even an interplanetary trading run inspired by the sci-fi TV show, The Expanse. It seems foolish that I never saw The Martian coming.

Why This Guy Made a Wooden Stool With His Mouth

"I make really absurd objects, I guess? That's kind of my Thing," Nikolas Bentel, a 24-year-old artist and designer living in New York, told me over the phone. His latest absurd object is a humble wooden stool, part of his new documentary, All Purpose Nik. While he worked to better understand how humans have designed ourselves out of our natural environment, he set out to build a simple stool with no tools, screws, or glue. He just walked out into the forest, knocked down a small tree, and start

Valve Disables Item Trading for Dutch 'Counter-Strike' Players, Making Their Expensive Gun Skins Worthless

The Dutch gaming authority, De Kansspelautoriteit, pushed Valve to disable item trading today for Dutch customers. The change specifically affects players of the popular multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the MOBA Dota 2. At first glance, accusing a multiplayer shooter of violating Dutch gambling law is a weird one. The problem comes from loot boxes.

Game Developers Dump 'Redshell' Tracking Program After Privacy Backlash

Across Reddit and Steam forums, a few people are getting up in arms about Redshell, a tracking program that game developers use to see how well their advertising is working. To customers, Redshell represents yet another uninvited invasion of digital privacy. And while people on gaming forums being upset isn't unusual—and Redshell itself seems to be mostly harmless—developers are dumping Redshell with unusual speed.

PlayStation Couldn't Have Picked a Better Developer for the New 'Tetris'

E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, starts on June 12, but the deluge of video game news that comes with it has already begun. Some of the most exciting news so far isn't some new, fancy first-person shooter, but an update to the timeless 80s arcade classic, Tetris. Sony released a psychedelic new trailer for the game, called Tetris Effect, this morning, and it's a more colorful, interesting vision of the 2D puzzle game than I had expected.

Halo Online is pure nostalgia for shooter fans of a certain age

It's been a wild week for the scrappy band of pirates who cracked Halo Online, an aborted, Russia-only remix of Halo 3 for PC. After launching a new version late last week, Microsoft started throwing around legal threats and DMCA notices. The community, flush with thousands of new fans, took the only logical course of action: they began to freak the hell out. Now everyone is mad and Reddit and Discord are on fire, but wait—is Halo Online, the game everyone's suddenly shouting about, actually any good?
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