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Subnautica map coordinates and exploration tips

Subnautica's bizarre alien life and dramatic rock formations make it easy to spend a lot of time beneath the waves, but it's also easy to get completely, where-the-hell-is-my-Seamoth kind of lost. Maybe humans just aren't built to navigate as well underwater as we do on land, or maybe Planet 4546B needs to hire a better city planner. Whatever causes it, getting turned around under the sea is no fun. There's no such thing as an in-game Subnautica map, and even the really smart fish haven't figur
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Tartarus review

I don’t know anything about IP addresses, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing me down. I reconnect broken network connections in the glare of an ancient CRT monitor, typing heavily on a mechanical keyboard in deep space. I’m the only crewman free to move around the RMS Tartarus, a crippled corporate mining ship floundering in orbit over Neptune. I’m the ship’s cook. Even so, I’ve spent hours running from the bridge to the reactor room to the cargo bay, doing jobs I was never trained to do on computer systems more archaic than futuristic.
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The weirdest patch notes of 2017

The patch note is an underappreciated art form. Among the dry details of damage buffs and bug fixes are occasionally brilliant puns or revelatory details about the absurd complexity of videogames. Dwarf Fortress is the undisputed king of ("Cleaned up the bear situation"), but we've also written about some of the from Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, and World of Warcraft. Absurdity is always with us, though, and the good gods know we've needed every laugh we could find in 2017.
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An ode to the sniper rifle

A rustle. A breath. A bang. Everything about a good video game sniper rifle is sexy, sleek, and dangerous, from the look of a long steel barrel to the echoing crack of gunfire heard for miles around. We love playing games with great sniper rifles not because of how they look or sound, though, but because of something much deeper and darker: we want to play god. The allure of the sniper rifle is the allure of the divine power to reach out—way, way out into the distance—and snuff out a life.
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Build of the week: a wooden case that was paid for in blood

Every Monday, highlights a unique rig from the web’s most dedicated PC building communities. This build has everything from the five standard content categories: wood, metal, power tools, severed fingers, and a dog named Sir Watson. It’s that first one, the wood, that really makes me love it. Like James, I despair of most PC builds. We get it, you spent $2,000 building a Hot Wheels car that looks like it’s going through a goth phase.
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Half-Life 2's Citadel as a 9-foot tall PC, and other awesome case mods from QuakeCon

Every year, thousands of PC gamers bring their machines, their monitors, and their largest energy drinks to QuakeCon in Dallas for the largest LAN party around. While there are some basic pixel-crunching workhorses and sturdy laptops around, the vast majority of these PCs are sleek, liquid cooled, and sexy as hell. We round up our favorite rigs from QuakeCon every year, and in the process we walk straight past lovely, high-powered machines that any gamer would be lucky to own.
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